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Who is Carriex?
CarrieX is a VoIP Wholesale carrier and an emerging Exchange Network Platform. Through the modern network facilities at CarrieX, our customers can terminate and originate their voice traffic. The prime objective of CarrieX is to provide quality of service combined with competitive rates for our customers.

What services does Carriex provides?
CarrieX provides origination and termination services.
CarrieX promotes traffic origination from a variety of sources such as wholesale carrier H.323, SIP origination networks; Internet Service Provider networks that aggregate retail PC-Phone and IP phone traffic, and Calling Cards operators.

What are the equipments needed to start originating and terminating phone calls through Carriex?
All you need is a multimedia gateway supporting H.323 or SIP protocol as well as manufacturers and models compatible with our specifications.

Do I need a test call for checking my equipment?
Yes. As soon as a request form has been completed and sent to our technical team. We will set a date and time for testing your equipment.

How can I sell voice minutes to CarrieX?
CarrieX works on a prepaid basis alone. As a new customer, you must sign the contract and transfer the necessary payment to the CarrieX's bank account. Afterwards, we will contact you to set your system up for a test call. Once the test call is complete, you will be ready to terminate your voice traffic through CarrieX's network. Carriex offers competitive rates for many destinations along with high call completion ratios.

How can I purchase voice minutes from Carriex?
CarrieX enters into agreement with service providers who are looking to originate calls
in their host country and/or through their network. For more information, please contact our sales department at sale@carriex.com.

Who are the Carriex's customers?
- Telecom Companies
- Exchange Networks
- Wholesale Carriers
- Calling Card Providers
- Resellers
- Internet Service Providers
- Private and Governmental Organizations

What are the main advantages of CarrieX in comparison to other carriers/exchanges?
- Carrier-class VoIP Termination and Origination
- The most competitive rates in the industry
- High ratio of call completion/ Industry level ASR (answer seizure ratio)
- VoIP interoperability with most of VoIP equipment, software
and protocols
- Clear and reliable international voice services with superior quality
- Toll-quality voice/ telephony service
- On-line management and accounting tool
- 24/7 technical and customer service

How can I contact Carriex?
For more information about Carriex and its services, Please contact info@carriex.com

How can I apply to become a Carriex's customer?
Please complete the Business Inquiry Form and indicate the specific information you would like to receive in the comments box. Our customer service personnel will contact you about your request as soon as possible.

Once a registered user, how can I get detailed calling report and accounting log?
As soon as you become a registered customer of CarrieX, we will supply you a User name and Password, so you will be able to login to your account. After login, you will gain access in real time to your account data such as detailed calling report and account balance.


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